Numatik is DJ / Producer Steve Andrews who has had a vast history in house music going back to the hedonistic rave days of the 90s.


To keep things brief Steve has had some success in the 90s with various projects including releasing and producing deep house back in 1995 under then name of Smirk with producer / engineer Richard Salter, and their Crowd Control EP on Crosstown was a big hit with the House DJs.


Fast forward to 1998 Steve formed Aquilia with studio and electronic music lover Tony Edwards who was in electronic bands in the 80s and worked at EMI at the time. Steve and Tony released various progressive house tracks on many labels in the UK, Europe and the US and gained much support from DJs like Sasha and Digweed and many more. Aquilia's biggest track was 'Dreamstate' which was featured on Sasha's biggest selling Global Underground compilation.

After a fair few years break from producing Steve formed a deep soulful house project called Numatik Soul back in 2004. Labels like Offset Music released several EPs from Numatik Soul and compilation deals with solid labels like Seamless Recordings. Numatik Soul - Touch was licensed to the famous Bargrooves compilation 'Citrus'


Today Steve has reignited his deep house past with the launch of Numatik (without the Soul) and is going to be producing many tracks under this project and deep house / deep tech with a funky electronic edge is on the menu here. There will also be a very old school house vibe on many of the EPs to be released in 2014 and beyond.


Also watch out for his Balearic House project called Sleeping Pilots with producer Mimmo Donvito. An album is scheduled for 2014.