Arch Rivals Series

Arch44 Music presents... Arch Rivals. A brand new series of Artist EPs for those who are looking for something a bit different.

A44MR006 Ralph C - Deepness [30th June 2014]

Next up in our Arch Rivals series, chunky bass-lead Deep House from Italy's Ralph C (Raffaele Cassiba).


Deepness offers chords-a-plenty melody and clean percussion over a solid House groove. Nice funky beats for the early sets.


Light Desire takes us a shade deeper, ironically. Built upon a catchy bass hook with nicely constructed synth layers, a subtle vocal and perhaps just a hint of Minimal Tech influence.

A44MR005 Pauke Schaumburg - Reflections [16th June 2014]

German Techno-meisters Pauke Schaumburg provide issue 005 in our Arch Rivals series, with Minimal two-tracker Reflections EP. The duo have been hard at work in the studio, crafting and perfecting their new live set and producing lots of great music, including a vinyl release for Schallwellen Records.


The title track, Reflections, features slamming analogue drums and driving bass with some clever synth lines and a big melodic breakdown.


Relapse is a dark and moody little number. Clean, simple drums with a nice vocal hook and synth-heavy arrangement.


Tight production with a powerful yet melancholy vibe. Perfect for the after hours.

A44MR004 Silvio Bondage - Tisifone [2nd June 2014]

The Arch Rivals series continues to explore the depths of Minimal Techno with another label newcomer, Silvio Bondage, from Italy.


This somewhat avant garde journey begins with Tisifone; a dreamy and slightly hypnotic synth-lead track which bubbles and pops along nicely over an analogue drum kit.


Invalid Test keeps you under the spell but adds a deep-set bass groove to keep things rolling into the early hours.


Masterful production lending itself to both chill-out sets and after parties.

A44MR003 Naetago & Squillante - The Parietal Cortex [19th May 2014]

Arch Rivals continues its European assault with this Techno two-tracker from Italy's Naetago & Squillante.


The Parietal Cortex focuses on a marching b-line/kick combo accentuated by a series of neck-breaking hats and incidental percussive elements. A simple and effective motivational vox sample sits confidently over the groove, making this the perfect set opener.


Washing Machine concentrates on a relentless, pounding groove that sucks you in and spins you around, utilising robotic snare hits and a cool hi-hat to keep the momentum going. A well-placed pad towards the latter third of the track encourages you to close your eyes and let the machine do its work.

A44MR002 Arno Brak - Oumba [5th May 2014]

The second installment in our Arch Rivals series takes us to Paris and to Arno Brak. Pushing the experimental envelope further, Oumba EP, and especially opening track Goarp, showcases the French producer's unique style; ambient, ethnic even tribal to a degree. Choose your own words to describe it, a pioneering and new sound for your sets is what you have right here.


Title track Oumba has a more familiar Deep Tech flavour, but with Arno's clever use of percussion and offbeat timing keeping things fresh.


We expect a mixed bag when it comes to feedback on this release, and that in itself excites us! Who wants to sound like everyone else?

A44MR001 Inc. Project - Issues & Politics [21st April 2014]

Arch44 Music presents... Arch Rivals. A brand new series of Artist EPs for those who are looking for something a bit different. We launch the series with debutant Inc. Project (Billy McGarry) and his stripped back, minimal 2-tracker, Issues & Politics.


Issues is a seriously deep, dark and moody track with a slow and progressive build. Taking elements of Minimal Techno and Deep House to forge something sinister yet complex, and downright perfect for the after party hours.


Chicago Politics steps up a gear; staying deep and dark but adding a bit of Garage swagger. Save this track for when the sun comes back up and party into the afternoon.