Arch44 Music Releases 2013

A44M018 Rockwell & Landers - Spark EP [16th December 2013]

Hot on the heels of their acclaimed Bounce EP - which garnered support from the likes of Nicole Moudaber, Stacey Pullen and Bimas - Rockwell & Landers deliver another tech-tacular 2-tracker, with remixes from label newcomers Lauro Martins and Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada.


Title track Spark opens the EP with a deep and relentless groove accentuated with all the tasty little nuances and incidentals we've come to expect from the guys - a deep bassline keeps the track moving along as cut up vox and minimal keys add a level of depth and melody to keep the floor pulsating.


Now based in California, Brazilian-born Lauro Martins keeps the relentless vibe of the original intact but morphs it into a real tribal Tech House groover, making more of the vocal and adding muted drum hits and extra percussion to develop the track with great effect.


Movement cuts the tempo down a notch and takes things in a Housier direction. Tasty vocal stabs sit nicely over the dreamy pads and chunky percussion, making way for increasingly melodic keys that build tension and energy.


Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada's Muzik Box Remix stays true to the original, but adding bouncy snares and a new key arrangement to give the track a deeper edge that will work very nicely on the cooler floors.

A44MC006 Various Artists - Nightlife EP 3.0 [29th November 2013]

Summer is done for another year, which means you're heading home for the Autumn sessions, or you're ADE bound.


Nightlife EP 3.0 hurls big beats, bouncy grooves and something a little darker your way; featuring 3 new original tracks and a twisted Minimal reworking of a past release.

A44MC005 Various Artists - Daylight EP 3.0 [29th November 2013]

Daylight EP 3.0 unveils bass-led Deep House and Indie Dance for the cool floors and after-parties, including debut releases for Anx & Iety and Jarre-cki.

A44M017 Vysotskiy - Healer [25th November 2013]

Following a series of killer Remixes for Arch44 Music, Ukraine's Vysotskiy serves up a superb original track in the form of Healer; with beautifully dreamy synth lines and tight percussion, the Original Mix takes you on a nice, melodic ride. The Dub Mix subtly strips things back a little, resulting in a darker and Techier vibe.


Francois Le Roy shows us he's at the top of his game right now with a simply fantastic Nu Disco rework. The clever synth work has more than a hint of 80s nostalgia, and combined with that bouncy electronic bass line you have a hugely uplifting track on your hands – try not to smile, you can't!


A new addition to the Arch44 Music line up, N-Junior infuses his Remix with a tasty Electro flavour and a Jackin' groove, which rounds of this package rather nicely. Healer is the cure. For sure.

A44MA001 Arch44 Music: One Year [11th November 2013]

(Various Artists Compilation Album)

Arch44 Music proudly presents an eclectic selection of the finest music from the label's first year in the game.

A44M016 Rene Beer - Dance or Die [28th October 2013]

Dance or Die featured on the first in our Nightlife EP series. Croatian Producer, Rene Beer, pushed the A44M envelope further into the Techno realms with this robotic, industrial and original track.


Sebbers shows consistent form with yet another huge rework; his Dirty Little Siren Remix tears up the aforementioned envelope, the rule book, and your dance floor! This is quite frankly the most brutal assault A44M has launched to date.

A44M015 Francois Le Roy - Don't U Want EP [7th October 2013]

Italian DJ, Producer and MaGmA Global Radio host, Francois Le Roy, serves up an EP to suit both the Deep and Tech House floors.


The laid back swagger of Don't U Want gets the head-nodding, the feet shuffling and is definitely one for the groovers. Friends and countrymates, Havisi and Nanni, turn in 2 distinctly different flavours for the Remixes; with Havisi aiming for peak-time floors and stirring big Trance stabs and heavy vocals into his mainstream House mix, and Nanni tapping into the popular Garage revival with a chugging chord riff and overlaying vintage spoken vocals.


Run first featured on our Nightlife EP series. It's all about that big rolling bassline and percussion heavy beat. Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed Bounce EP for Arch44 Music, Rockwell & Landers supply a big, fat and heavy Remix which any self-respecting Tech House DJ needs in their collection.

A44M014 Rockwell & Landers - Bounce EP [16th September 2013]

Arch44 Music continues to deliver the highest ratio of quality to content with yet another jam-packed release full of the hottest talent on our books right now; Bounce EP from Rockwell & Landers, who bring with them a rich heritage in Germany's electronic music scene as well as previous releases on Groove Department Music, Nulectric and (of course) Arch44 Music.

This full-flavoured 6 tracker kicks off with the deep and melodic Content, which utilises understated Synth and vox patterns to great effect, while Feft's remix reduces the tempo, phattens up the bassline and twists the track into a sure-shot Deep House stomper.

Up next, Ukranian DJ and Producer Vysotskiy turns the energy and bounce of Hunter completely on its head by delivering a slice of blissful Tech House full of dreamy pads and Synths, conjuring up images of perfect sunsets over Ibizan shores.

Title track Bounce delves deeper into the underground and subtly builds into a no-nonsense groove for the 'heads down' crew. While Francois Le Roy rounds off the EP with his more percussive reinterpretation, elongating the breakdown and adding just the right amount of Piano into the mix.

A44M013 Simon Firth - White Space EP [26th August 2013]

Never before have we brought you so much talent and experience in one EP. White Space EP from Simon Firth – a veteran of the scene, with a back-catalogue spanning 6 years, and with releases on: Endemic, 99percent, Crossfade and Stripped, to name but a few – is a beautifully crafted, 3-track journey through the deeper end of the House spectrum, with dreamy Synths and feel-good melodies, together with an infectious groove to keep you hooked.

Title track, White Space, gets a massive dance floor overhaul from Simon Bryant and his infamous Warehouse Treatment. Simon (AKA Suffix) has seen a meteoric rise to success and has become a highly sought after Producer and Remixer with only 2 years in the game and with releases on: Hype Muzik, Unrivaled, Society 3.0 and more. Twins of Sound offer a trademark sounding rework, which is current and mainstream and sure to please their growing army of followers in their native Poland, and right across Europe. This duo are making serious waves in 2013, with a Traxsource charted EP on Arch44 Music and a forthcoming release on the Milk & Sugar imprint.

Minotor are seasoned Producers, operating under this moniker as an outlet to explore their newly found sound. With a past guise notching the highly prized “Essential New Tune” on Pete Tong’s Radio One show, and an increasingly lucrative film score production career, to say these guys are ‘talented’ is a huge understatement. Their Remix of Second Wind brings all of this pedigree to the fore and is an absolute masterpiece.

Squared Up started life as an uplifting and energetic original track, but then FNUK (AKA Millska & DJ Di Casa) grabbed hold of it, shook it about a bit, plied it with Vodka and Redbull, then let it fly in an upward trajectory to where it is now, poised to drop like a bomb on your dance floor.

A44MC004 Various Artists - Nightlife EP 2.0 [23rd August 2013]

It's the height of Summer and the party season is in full swing. Arch44 Music is proud to bring you the second installment of our Nightlife EP series. Volume 2.0 unleashes 4 chunky Tech House cuts designed to rock your dance floor.

A44MC003 Various Artists - Daylight EP 2.0 [23rd August 2013]

It's the height of Summer and the party season is in full swing. Arch44 Music is proud to bring you the second installment of our Daylight EP series. Volume 2.0 offers 4 Deep, Housey, Electronica grooves for your terrace sets and poolside manoeuvres.

A44M012 Sebb - Talk To Me [12th August 2013]

A44M presents new Deep House talent in the form of Romanian born, UK based Producer, Sebb.

Title track, Talk To Me, sure talks to us. It's Deep House as WE know it. With a pure and simple synth hook over soft pads, this cut earns a place in your warm-up folder.

Next up, Black Cherry, a melodic yet haunting down-tempo Deep, Electronic groove with just a hint of acid squelch. Perfect for Sunset. Spike O'Connell provides the Remix; upping the tempo, intensifying the melody and infusing his trademark Garage vibes.

33 (Bonus Track), goes off-piste with its energetic and bass-heavy flow - throwing a little something for the Ravers into the pot.

A44M011 3CatsDeep - 3CatsDeep (Remixed) [15th July 2013]

Support: Bimas, Amine Edge, James Silk, Orde Meikle (Slam), Markus Shulz, Hall North, Mark Ferrer, Simon Firth


A44M is proud to introduce a very special release, our top selling EP to date; the self-titled "3CatsDeep"... Remixed. Upon release back in January, the 4 original tracks won features and chart postions with the major online stores, and picked up A-List support from: Roger Sanchez, Orde Meikle, Markus Shulz, wAFF, Andi Durrant, Anil Chawla and lots more along the way.


For 3CatsDeep (Remixed), we keep the original running order but take things in a fresh new direction, with Remixes from Sebbers, Feft, Simon Firth and Spike O'Connell.

A44M010 3CatsDeep - Three Cuts Deep EP [1st July 2013]

Arch44 Music's best-selling Artist to date returns with another EP of deep down-under House goodness - Three Cuts Deep EP.


The antipodean feline serves up two original tracks, with Ectomorph urging us to 'let go and lose it' while the trademark 3CatsDeep bassline bubbles and rolls along over understated percussion and THAT vocal.

Cocaine Nights feels like a claustrophobic jaunt through a hazy neon-lit skyline in the early hours of a Sunday morning, evoking flashbacks to its' subject matter's hectic nature.


Ukranian DJ and producer Vysotskiy makes his Arch44 debut with a stunning Deep House interpretation of Ectomorph, keeping the vocal intact whilst layering his own keys over the original's, and to great effect.

A44M009 Twins of Sound - Got Dat EP [3rd June 2013]

Support from: Amine Edge, Roger Sanchez, Hagenaar & Albrecht, Grant Richards


Right at the sharp end of the Polish House scene, Twins of Sound drop a huge 2-tracker on Arch44; Got Dat EP is a clever blend of Deep House infused with both European and US flavours.


All I Got layers heavy duty synth stabs and funky vocals on a jacking House beat, to create an energetic dance floor workout with mainstream crossover appeal.

Pop The Cork gets retro, with a distinct nod to the 90s. Korg M1 stabs and breaking snares meet US Hip Hop vocals; a guaranteed party starter.

A44MC002 Various Artists - Nightlife EP [24th May 2013]

The opening parties are here and Ibiza is officially open for business for Summer 2013. Nightlife EP offers 4 cuts of Tech House energy, to be enjoyed responsibly after dark. 

A44MC001 Various Artists - Daylight EP [24th May 2013]

The opening parties are here and Ibiza is officially open for business for Summer 2013. Daylight EP includes 4 flavours of Deep House, best served between sunrise and sunset. 

A44M008 Mario K - Feeling High EP [20th May 2013]

Poland's Mario K bursts onto the Arch44 roster with a thumping 3-tracker for the Deep House floors. Opener, Body Trippin, has cross-over appeal for the Tech House fans and delivers peak time drama for the dance floor. Feeling High featured on our Miami WMC Sampler and won A-list support from the likes of Sanchez and Shulz. With a destinctly old school flavour, this track is all about the breakdown and that drop. Candy Crush rolls along on a big, chunky bassline, with sultry synth and vocal stabs riding shotgun - definitely one for the poolside.

A44M007 David Somerville - Triple EP [22nd April 2013]


includes: Triple (3CatsDeep Remix)

Arch44 Music brings new Deep House talent in the shape of David Somerville, with his debut Triple EP. The title track is a beautiful blend of rich keys, sultry vocals and breakbeat snares - perfect for those Balearic sunsets.

Hot on the heels of Arch44's most successful EP to date, the man behind it - 3CatsDeep - turns in a typically deep, moody reworking of Triple and asks; do you 'like this' House?

The Chase brings a bit of Electronica to the party, with hypnotic melodies and dry bass riff, topped off with those trademark snares.

The Original Mixes featured on our Miami WMC Sampler, which has won support from: Roger Sanchez, Markus Shulz, Orde Meikle and Anil Chawla, among others.

Look out for this future star of avant-garde electronic music.

A44M006 Sebbers - No Time For Worrying EP [25th March 2013]


includes: The Beauty Inside (Deepmilo Velvet Rope Remix)

Introducing the next big talent from the House music hotbed of Maidstone. Sebbers, with his A44M debut; No Time For Worrying EP. The title track packs a chunky House beat and Ultra Flava-esque bass loop. It's hard not to "recognise" just what this track's got!


The Beauty Inside brings melodic, Disco-infused vibes and a groove that's too damn funky to ignore - Deepmilo's epic remix then flies us straight back to 70s New York and over that velvet rope, with an infectious bass hook and dreamy synth lines.


Innovative bonus track Darkness Only Darkness, redefines genre boundaries and drops a 'Dubs-Tech' bomb on your dance floor.

A44M005 Shepz - The 11th Hour EP [25th February 2013]


includes: Dancing With Death (Emeskay 303 Remix)

Techno stalwart, Shepz, fires a dark and Minimal 2-tracker at you. Full of raw energy and angst, opener Dancing With Death sets the scene, brings the groove and shows teasing restraint with the squelchy acidity.

Emeskay turn in a real balls-out Acid Techno belter of a Re-work. Their 303 Remix brings the noise and makes absolutely no apologies. With recent signings to Endemic Digital and King Street Sounds, this trio are making serious waves on the scene.

Title track, The 11th Hour, is all about that deep and laid back groove. Haunting synths and big snare hits hold the Techno-heads' attention as they retreat to the safety of the darkened corners of the room.

We really look forward to your feedback on this exciting and brave new addition to the A44M family.

A44M004 3CatsDeep - 3CatsDeep EP [14th January 2013]

Arch44 Music's latest signing - 3CatsDeep - takes us on a journey into the deepest and darkest Australian outback, with the Antipodean feline laying down a very impressive 4-track debut EP that's sure to please both the Deep and Tech House contingents.

The EP opens with Giant; a pulsing bassline and progressive percussion structure that builds the energy level nicely. Next up, Groundswell, which lays subtle sax and intricate vocal samples over a low-down groove that builds in complexity and atmosphere as the track bounces on. Desire As Cinema turns up the heat as it intensifies, underpinned with big synth stabs and then amplified in the breakdown, which then leads the way for Zygometric's old school flavour and chunky groove that takes you on a dance floor journey.

We hope you're as excited by this talented new Artist as we are.


[Artwork by: Rob Parham (]