2014 Releases

A44M025 Vysotskiy - Wolkenstein [24th March 2014]

Vysotskiy returns to Arch44 Music with another slamming Tech House EP. The Ukrainian DJ and Producer is in top form with Wolkenstein EP, a 2-tracker filled with trademark percussion and deep bass lines.


Lead track Wolkenstein is heavy and industrial, even in the relatively melodic breakdown, but with an infectious undercurrent of a groove. Long term friends of the label, Rockwell & Landers, turn up the heavy dial to 11 in their remix; stripping back the melody in favour of a bigger, more chugging beat and dropping a sub-bass note that will probably be made illegal in some parts of the world.


Intro is a complex beast with lots of percussive elements layered over eerie synth notes; pushing the envelope into Techno territory with a repetitious hook that simply snares your mind. 3CatsDeep supplies a real head-wrecker of a Remix which may or may not have been written under the influence of 'the Faeries' (we can neither confirm nor deny!), however this epic journey certainly begins and ends in Nimbin.


Healer EP landed back in November 2013, and here is a brand new Remix from Tektoys which takes the track in a totally new direction. Tribal percussion and soft melodies bring the chill-out vibes and round off this exciting EP nicely.

A44M024 Bradd Slade - Bell Groove [24th March 2014]

Groove by name, groove by nature in this masterfully stripped back Deep House EP from newcomer Bradd Slade, whose style leaves plenty of room for the tracks to breath using simple and elegant hat patterns in place of complex percussion. The bass-lead melodies keep the tracks bouncing but allow the lead vocals to take centre stage.


In vogue Producer, Deepmilo, accentuates (the) Bell Groove with his soft-edged Tech House rework. He dubs out the bass riff and introduces some FX soaked percussion to give the track a purposeful direction, and finally adds a bit of attitude to that sexy lead vocal.


Feft brings his inimitable retro Garage style to his remix and lays it delicately over a surprisingly tough, analogue beat. Catchy synth hooks infuse a touch of Disco and work beautifully under the vocal stab. If filling the dance floor is your mission, then this should be your weapon of choice.

A44M023 Jesse James - Stick 'Em [10th March 2014]

Arch44 Music is proud to unveil this big release from a newcomer to the label. The veteran DJ, Producer and man behind club super brand Connected, Jesse James.

Stick 'Em is a real genre-agnostic dance floor filler that packs real attitude; with sultry keys and an aggressive lead vocal laid over a straight-up House beat and all underpinned by the moodiest of basslines.


AS I AM builds his Remix on the same classic House chassis, bolting on Electro style synth bass craziness, honky-tonk piano melodies and stabbing the vocal to create seriously energetic mayhem.


Emeskay dim the lights for something altogether darker in their Tech House re-rub that has a real pulsing melody and groove. A slightly tougher spin for the harder floors.


With so much musical pedigree on one release, Stick 'Em is set to cause quite a stir in clubland.

A44M022 Numatik - Do What Ya Wanna Do [24th February 2014]

Arch44 Music boldly and excitedly moves in a new direction with our first Nu Disco release, Do What Ya Wanna Do from Steve Andrews, a seasoned Producer and Engineer who himself is breaking new musical ground under his Numatik guise.


The Original mix is a real showcase for the Numatik mission - deep and atmospheric House music with no boundaries. With it's Pop vocals, infectious bass groove, fierce snare rolls and melodic synth rhythms, it is a perfect fusion of traditional feel-good Disco vibes from 'back in the day' blended with it's Nu and contemporary successor.


Hot on the heels of his Remix masterpiece for Vysotskiy's Healer, Francois Le Roy earns his place among the major players of the Nu Disco scene with another epic remix that takes influence from all of the best components from the 70s, 80s and 90s and rolls them up into something so fresh and current sounding; perfectly formed and ready for the cooler dance floors.

A44M021 Rockwell & Landers - Liebe EP [10th February 2014]

Liebe EP ("Love" EP) is a beautifully melodic departure from the big Tech House sounds that we've come to expect from German duo, Rockwell & Landers. With previous EPs on Arch44 Music, Bounce and Spark, winning support from the likes of Nicole Moudaber, Stacey Pullen, wAFF, Bimas and Anil Chawla, to name but a few, R&L have broken new ground with this deep and romantically composed 2-tracker which lands just in time for Valentine's Day!


Title track Liebe retains just a hint of the typically R&L chunky Tech beat, and marries it with a wonderfully oscillating, quixotic synth melody. The end result; a soundtrack to make liebe to.


Bjoern Bender of Groove Department Music delivers a great Remix; adding choral synth notes under the main melody to create real depth of mood and stripping things right down to a dub, in parts, which provides contrast and progression that really add to the journey of the track.


Long term friend of Arch44 Music, Deepmilo, serves up a more Electronica-based version, with a new direction for the main melody and Electro style synth elements layered in to add warmth, especially in the breakdowns. This is a clever and imaginative interpretation from a Producer at the peak of his form.


Slomotion is quite simply a gorgeous piece of music. A real utopian journey that you just don't want to end. Stunning work.

A44M020 Jarre-cki - Aspire EP [27th January 2014]

For our 20th release, Arch44 Music presents fresh House and Electronica vibes from debutant, Jarre-Cki. The veteran DJ from Poland enters the production foray with Aspire EP; an eclectic 2-tracker plus dance floor friendly overhaul from FNUK.

Title track, Aspire, lays Balearic synths over a chunky, chugging beat and delivers a nice little groover that makes you want to run for the sun - Miami, we're ready for you.


FNUK bring a bit of big room flavour to proceedings. Staying true to the chunky bass notes, they accentuate the Balearica further with Cafe Del Mar-esque pads and intricate lead lines. Throw in some big, savage stabs and right there you have your Masters of The Rise Mix.


Allure first surfaced on our Daylight 3.0 EP in November and received a warm welcome from those who like to dial the tempo down, and the electronic flavour up. A nice slice of 80s inspired avant garde to round off the EP.

A44M019 Anx & Iety - Reaching EP [6th January 2014 - Traxsource]

Arch44 Music is excited to present the debut EP from brand new UK duo Anx & Iety (Liam Oley and Tom Fowler). Their bass-heavy Deep House sound borrows DnB style sub-bass lines and classic 808 percussion to shape something surprisingly fresh and exhilarating. As a pre-cursor to the EP release, opening track Yeah Yeah made an early appearance on volume 3.0 of our Daylight EP series and was subsequently playlisted by some influential online radio shows, which caused quite a stir and immediately built anticipation for the full release.

Good & Plenty have seen unprecedented success since their debut release at the turn of the year, with original music released on Hotfingers, Spinnin, Dojo and Bloxbox, and having been remixed by the likes of Koen Groeneveld. This talented trio provides a huge, dance floor friendly rework with their Big Bass Remix of Yeah Yeah; an energetic, mainstream Houser with an infectious groove, stabbed vocals and the Grand Canyon of drops!

Reaching taps into Anx & Iety’s melodic side; introducing sombre vocals and dark, moody pads, but retaining those familiar, chunky bass notes and analogue drum hits to underpin it.

On Remix duties, long term friend of the label, Deepmilo, returns to the scene after a brief hiatus and does not disappoint with this progressive, yet percussive departure from the original; bringing yet more depth of emotion and adding an element of dreaminess to the vocals.